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If your client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
Eloth launching
10 February 2022
The planned start of the Eloth will take place on 3rd March at 18:00 CET and will be hosted in Europe with amazing proxies for US and BR players.

Over recent years the community has demanded a nostalgic 8.0 server... it is with huge excitement we can now announce a project that everyone has been waiting for! The community has been loyal to server owners for a long time and this is a chance for us to give back, a chance to share a server that you've all been waiting so long for.

We have been preparing an incredible server behind the scenes, taking feedback from all areas of the community and can now finally share the news with you!

First of all, a fully clean, original 8.0 map! The reason for this decision is to have that ultimate nostalgic feeling reborn once again. The excitement of fighting over the most popular old school spawns once again, and enjoying revisiting your old stomping grounds.

We have developed many custom features over the years, but again, this server is designed to offer the ultimate old school feeling once again. Having no training monks will develop that old school community feeling we seem to have lost (back to the days of sitting outside DP and discussing your recent adventures!) and with this decision, manual game-play is maximized.

Most of you are currently used to having additional bonuses such as green stamina, boosted experience from quests/bosses and much much more. With a smaller map and no custom bonuses, we believe having a static 10x experience rate will deliver the best possible route to incredible wars and an enjoyable RPG feeling. The decision for these experience rates comes with huge consideration. We have been testing and collecting data on a range of different options to give you the optimum experience and also decided to have a high death loss. As we know, that feeling of real loss increases the intensity of your experience and is immensely important to every player.

The runes which you purchase from an NPC will be the same as those you conjure yourself. This means if you making your own runes they will be 1x, the same as bought from the shop. Soul points will operate as normal and will be required when conjuring runes.

Building further into the vision, access quests will be required. This starts right at the beginning for example searching for all four vocations for desert quest all the way to the later game access quests such as Banuta, Okolnir and Formorgar mines. This will further enhance the experience we want our players to enjoy. The only difference on Eloth from original 8.0 is we will be keeping the shortcut to Pits of Inferno, however, you will need to complete full Pits of Inferno in order to use the shortcut.

Eloth will be an original yet unique server with each variable carefully considered. You will have the opportunity to obtain All Blessings from one NPC situated at Plains of Havoc temple once you have completed the full Pits of Inferno Quest.

Over the years we have closely reviewed character speed, as players begin to exceed level 120-150 we have identified this can have quite a drastic effect on wars and pvp due to this we have adapted the speed formula to sustain a long term server - meaning all vocations are balanced in the mid and late game situations. Respectfully, having your speed scaled at a higher level might not be something you are used to however you will still have a good speed advantage over the lower levels for the hard work and dedication you put into your character.

Whilst on the topic of formulas, we have completed a deep dive investigation on defense and armor formulas. We found that on our previous servers your equipment is holding a static defense/armor point system, which is not true to times of old! We have implemented the old formula where by each attack you sustain the defense/armor protection you get will be different. This will be balanced for all equipment, for example your Dragon Scale Mail is going to have a bigger defense points range to your Plate Armor.

The community has been dying to see a full real map, clean server for a long time now and we are proud to be able to offer this chance to relive the good old times. As the server gets highly populated and progresses into the later stages we are not completely object to adding custom features. These will of course be suggested to you, the community of Eloth as everything we are looking to achieve is based on your feedback. Any changes made will be extremely thoroughly tested ensuring we keep the old school gameplay experience.

We would like to invite you all to our Discord where you can create discussions, speak with support and engage with fellow players.

This server has been structured and designed to meet the current player requirements, deliver a nostalgic experience and all in all give back to the community something you have all been waiting for.

The final preparations are done, the wait is almost over and we can finally welcome you to the launch of Eloth - make sure you're ready!